Here in Your Time of Need ...

Sit down. Relax. Lie down on that leather couch. Mr. Pink, Computer Shrink, is here—and he makes house calls. Cast your woes aside because Mr. Pink will aptly take your keyboard by the reins and restore sanity to your home.

In today's world, our personal computers have become members of our families, much like our pets or cars often are. The trick? Getting your computer to contribute more to the family chi than it takes from it.

There is hope. Rest assured that a few sessions with Mr. Pink will turn any unruly electronic beast into a loyal friend.



The Absolute Best Computer Care You'll Find in Santa Barbara

We are Santa Barbara's answer to quality computer care, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

Not only do we offer a myriad of services to keep your computers running smoothly, we also provide training so, if desiring, you can learn some basic steps to computer caremeaning you'll need our services less!

Our rates are extremely reasonable and we only employ technicians with many years of success behind them.

Take a look around, visit our Fees & Services page for more detailed information on what we provide and what we charge.

Mr. Pink's president, Scott Christopher, also specializes in sound studio computer maintenance. His extensive background experience working in the music industry as well as 25 years computer engineering experience makes him the perfect choice for this niche market.


Mr. Pink's 4 Rules for a successful   relationship with your computer:

#1: Your computer is a member of your family. Get over your love hate issues. Like any favorite pet, it nags for handouts. When cared for properly, it nags less.

#2: Be clear about boundaries. Let your computer know who's boss. Don't be afraid to use the Power Cord Trump Card (PCTC) meaning unplug it when it gets too sassy.

#3: Work your conflict resolution skills. Hitting, punching or throwing is not okay. Adopt the following mantra and repeat as often as necessary:

“Preventative steps
are my best friends. I will back-up my data regularly. I will keep my virus and spyware definitions up to date.”

#4: When all else fails, call Mr. Pink.



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